Why join us?

A law firm with a manageable size

Although we seek the growth of our firm, our priority is to maintain all the advantages of being a reasonable sized firm where all members have a chance to build personal fulfilment and a satisfying career. Your success is our success!

Training à la carte

Our objective: to give you all the keys for a successful career.
We offer you various internal and external legal training and courses in other areas in order to develop your skills during your work life.

Multicultural and International

Diversity is an enriching and valuable asset. You will benefit from our international and multicultural environment. We cultivate an open mind and encourage critical thinking. Let's be different and understand the difference!

Salary package

We offer an attractive salary package in line with your experience and education. Motivation, willingness and personal investment will be recompensed.

Social events

We cultivate team spirit as we believe it is a key element for a favourable working environment. Social events punctuate our working life to facilitate integration and ensure the well-being of our people.

Work/life balance

The quality of your life is important for us. We respect the expectations and needs of our people. We are firmly convinced that the right balance is essential to maintain long-run relationship with our people.